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Welcome to Cardif Pinnacle Support Site

Cardif Pinnacle has over the past few years developed a Support Service to help all of its Customers. We have listened to your comments and have developed this site to meet your needs.

Online Customer Service

From here you can Download Your Claim Form. This section is open to everyone and is the easiest and quickest way to obtain a claim form. Don't forget to look at our FAQ's section as this will assist you in the completion of your form.

Did you know that you can track claims for Accident/Sickness or Unemployment? As this section provides personal data you will need to register with us to gain access to this service. Once we have completed our Data Protection Checks you will be able to obtain up to date information with regards to your claim.

Unemployment Resources

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Over the years Cardif Pinnacle have discovered that many people are not fortunate enough to be offered help and support from their employer when being made unemployed.

As the employment market is continually changing your search for employment can feel like entering a mine field.

We have designed an Employment Resource Booklet to help you unravel the employment market and gain a new employment position. The booklet will help you with your CV design and how to make the document achievement based. We are great believers that if you can demonstrate that you have achieved in one organisation, then you will again and again.

booklet covers a wealth of information

The booklet covers a wealth of information from Can I change my Career? Who/What Employers want? What CV's get positive results and Where do I look for jobs? To name but a few topics. So what are you waiting for, click on the Booklet and take a look

Also to help you navigate the employment market we have researched the internet and pulled together a huge range of related web sites that could help you with all aspects of returning to work.

To access this information, please follow the Unemployment Resources link.

Health Resources

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Many of us suffer ailments within our lives and some of us are diagnosed with medical conditions that make us change our work/life balance.

Entering into this section you will find links to sites that can support and help you in a return to well being.

For further information, please follow the Health Resources link.


  • You can download a claim form.
  • Once you have a claim number you can register with us to track every step of your claim.
  • You can find a wealth of hints and tips to help you gain a speedy return to work.
  • You may email the claims team for advice on your claim.


  • Please click here to download the necessary documents you will require to make a claim.


  • Track your Accident / Sickness or Unemployment Claim. To track your claim, please click here. You will need your username and password to track your claim.

Customer Testimonials

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