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Accident & Sickness

Many of us suffer ailments within our lives and some of us are diagnosed with medical conditions that make us change our work/life balance.

Entering into this section you will find links to sites that can support and help you in a return to well being.

In this section we have different categories for you to have a look at which we hope will be useful to you.

Health Guide Booket

We have also put together a small brochure with helpful hints and tips for good well being.

Please find the Health Guide Booklet.

Below is a brief summary of each subject covered.

Health Resources

an apple with a measuring tape around it

We have searched the web to find some organisations that can help you with support and advice on your well being.

Please read the Health Resources page for further information.

Healthy Eating

a girl smiling while holding groceries

This section provides information on how healthy eating can make a difference to our health and well being and how to make the first steps towards changing your eating habits.

The information that Cardif Pinnacle have provided is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice

Please read the Healthy Eating page for further information.


people stretching in the gym

This section provides information on how exercise is an important part of our lifestyle and how exercise can lower the risk of many life-threatening conditions.

Please read the Exercise page for further information.

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