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Health Resources

Being diagnosed with a medical condition can be a very worrying time, and it helps to know there is help not only from your family and friends but from different organisations that can offer medical and emotional support.

This section explores the symptoms of medical conditions along with in depth facts and advice on many conditions and illnesses.

Note: Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any of the details that are outlined within the links supplied.


Medic8 is a leading UK medical portal for healthcare information on every condition. All content has been reviewed by a qualified UK doctor prior to listing.

Please visit the Medic8 website for further information.

NETDOCTOR features an encyclopaedia, special features, and an interactive sector, including an opportunity to put questions to Dr Hilary Jones.

Please visit the NetDoctor website for further information.

Surgery Doctor

This is a UK based link which offers in-depth facts and advice on every possible condition. Some common myths and misconceptions are explored and there are also case studies detailing patients own experiences.

Please visit the NHS Surgery Doctor website for further information.


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