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Healthy Eating

Eating well is one of the best investments you can make in your health and wellbeing.

A healthy balanced diet is one that provides all the essential nutrients in the right quantity for good health, a healthy diet contains a variety of food such as fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, protein − rich foods and dairy foods. There is no such thing as bad or good food; moderation is the key!

By maintaining a healthy diet, we can keep an appropriate body weight and reduce the risk of diet − related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Remember ... You are what you eat!!

Note: The information that Cardif Pinnacle have provided is for general information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Food Standards Agency

This website is provided by the food standards agency, giving you information on how to eat healthy and why healthy eating is important.

Please visit the Food Standards Agency website for further information.

NHS Live Well

Find information about the all important 5 a day here!

Please visit the NHS website for further information.

Patient UK

This website gives the principles of a healthy diet.

Please visit the Patient UK website for further information.

British Heart Foundation

Prevention is better than cure and a healthy diet can not only reduce your chances of developing heart disease, but also protect your heart from further problems if you've already been diagnosed.

Please visit the British Heart Foundation website for further information.

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